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Covid-induced Diabetes and How Trigotab Can Help

Covid-induced Diabetes and How Trigotab Can Help

COVID-19 has changed the way the world runs. As we learn to get used to the ways of the post-COVID world, new research evidence is coming up confirming a phenomenon that doctors around the world are increasingly observing. COVID-19 can trigger diabetes in pre-diabetic patients, and in rare cases, even in those with seemingly normal blood glucose levels.

Until recently, diabetes was a co-morbidity that put you at a higher risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. Researchers have now found evidence to support the theory that diabetes is not just making people more vulnerable to the deadly disease, but the virus might be triggering diabetes in infected people. Growing evidence suggests that COVID-19 might cause diabetes in some people and make the existing condition worse for others.

Let us look at the research so far and see what you can do if you or someone you know is at risk.

The Concern

One research study kept track of COVID patients who had been admitted to a hospital for treatment. It followed up on their health for some months after they had recovered from the disease and found out that a significant number of the patients (~5%) had developed diabetes after or while recovering from COVID. In addition, the research showed that people who had been admitted to the hospital with the infection were 1.5 times more likely to develop diabetes as compared to people of the same age group who had not been in the hospital.

Type of Diabetes Induced by COVID-19

Even without the coronavirus, Type II diabetes is a tricky disease. Environmental factors, genetic factors, stress, and some viruses are possible causes for the onset of Type II Diabetes in humans. The body goes through a considerable amount of stress when infected by the coronavirus. The medication given to treat COVID and related complications can also cause irregular glycemic activity.

Cases of Type I Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes (GD), and diabetes among children have also shot up in people who have been infected by the lethal virus. While the virus could trigger this, it could also be caused by the drastic change in lifestyle due to the pandemic.

It is interesting to note here that researchers and doctors are considering the possibility of a new kind of diabetes that is triggered by the coronavirus, although a lot more research-backed evidence is needed to confirm this theory.

The Most Probable Explanation

One possible explanation for the onset of diabetes in COVID patients is that the virus triggers an extreme inflammation in the body, which would ultimately lead to the inability of the pancreas to release insulin and read glucose-related signals. In addition, muscle loss and fatigue caused by a severe COVID-19 infection can also lead to a pre-diabetic state in patients.

Another possible explanation is that the ACE-2 protein found in the pancreas (where insulin is produced) becomes vulnerable to the virus. It is already established that the coronavirus uses surface proteins like ACE-2 to enter the body. The virus enters the pancreatic beta cells and infects them, effectively stopping insulin production, causing irregularity in blood sugar levels in normal and pre-diabetic patients, and mortality in existing diabetic patients. It is also possible that when the coronavirus enters the pancreas, it makes the body’s immune system attack its own beta cells.

Managing Diabetes-related Complications

Pre-existing diabetes is considered a co-morbidity in coronavirus cases. Underlying diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases are known to increase the severity of the coronavirus disease and the chances of mortality. Hyperglycemia can modulate immune and inflammatory response and interact with other risk factors to predispose the infected patients to the severe form of COVID-19. Diabetic patients infected with the virus are also at a higher risk of mortality. While most of the conclusions drawn about COVID-induced diabetes and related complications are preliminary, the link between diabetes and the severity of the complications during and after recovery is irrefutable.

A ray of hope here is that if you diagnose diabetes early enough after recovering from COVID, taking the right dietary supplements, losing weight, and increasing physical activity can delay or prevent the disease and, in some cases, even reverse blood glucose levels back to normal. The right diet and dietary supplements are the keys to nipping COVID-induced diabetes in the bud. Add a nutraceutical Trigonelline supplement such as Trigotab Fenugreek Powder tablets to your diet and a light workout to your daily routine. Closely monitor your blood glucose levels after COVID recovery to ensure that you stay aware of any irregularities in your body’s glycemic levels.

How Trigotab Fenugreek Powder tablets Work

Trigotab tablets can significantly help control the diabetic onset in COVID-19 patients with its anti-hyperglycemic and anti-inflammatory properties. Elevated blood sugar levels in COVID-19 patients is a cause of concern as it can have lifelong effects. The timely use of Trigotab can help effectively lessen and reverse these effects.

Trigotab Fenugreek Powder tablets contain ten times more Trigonelline (the active agent that reduces blood sugar), making them far more effective than regular fenugreek seeds. Trigotab unleashes a three-step action plan based on its patented BAAS technology to combat hyperglycemia and insulin resistance. First, it regenerates beta cells and increases insulin secretion with the help of Trigonelline. Next, it increases insulin sensitivity. Third, it reduces the absorption of glucose in the intestine.

Together, these actions can prevent the onset of diabetes in COVID-19 patients. In addition, in patients who already have diabetes, Trigotab effectively reduces the severity of COVID complications by boosting insulin-related metabolic activity. Besides this, Trigotab is also helpful in restoring digestive function and stimulating hair growth after COVID.

The battle against COVID-19 does not get over even after your symptoms go away. Keep your immunity and metabolic system strong by adding Trigotab Fenugreek Powder tablets to your daily routine.